【2024. 1. 26】NHK国際報道2024でSMART & STRONGプロジェクトが紹介されました!/ SMART & STRONG Project's Activities Introduced in "International Report 2024" News Program by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)

2024年1月25日にNHK BSで、1月26日にNHK総合で放送された番組「国際報道2024」では、当SMART & STRONGプロジェクトと、カウンターパート自治体であるパトムタニ県ブンイトー市の取り組みが紹介されました。 


“援助”から共通課題への“学び合い”へ タイの模索


NHKBS 1月25日(木) 午後10:00 〜 午後10:40

NHK総合 1月26日(金) 午前4:20 〜 午前5:00



🔗 https://www.nhk.jp/p/kokusaihoudou/ts/8M689W8RVX/episode/te/Z5WR1XVRVV/


On January 25 and 26, the SMART & STRONG Project was introduced by the Japanese Public Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)'s news program "International Report 2024."

Bueng Yitho Municipality's 60' Bar Activities are also highlighted in the news.

A representative of the JICA Thailand Office explained the background, current situation, and future prospects of Thailand's aging as well as the significance of various sectors' cooperation in exploring the ways to face common challenges of aging society between Japan and Thailand.


From “aid” to “mutual learning” towards common issues: Thailand’s exploration

▼Broadcast date and time

NHKBS January 25th (Thursday) 10:00 pm - 10:40 pm

NHK general January 26th (Friday) 4:20 am - 5:00 am