【2024. 2. 20】NHK World Japanにて、当プロジェクトやブンイトー市の取り組みが紹介されました!/ SMART & STRONG Project featured on the NHK World Japan

2024年2月20日、SMART & STRONG Project 、そしてブンイトー市における60' Bar(高齢者が集えるコミュニティ居酒屋)やボランティアによる訪問ケアの様子が、NHKの英語プログラム「NHK World Japan」で紹介されました。





On Feburualy 20, 2024, the SMART & STRONG Project, as well as the 60' Bar (a community izakaya where the elderly can gather) and home-visit care by volunteers in Bueng Yitho Municipality, were featured on NHK's English language program "NHK World Japan."

The broadcasted program is available to watch from the link below.

Title: "Thailand, Japan cooperate to support elderly people"

Introduction: Thailand has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past few decades. However, as people's lifestyles change, the population is aging and the birthrate is declining. We take a look at how Thailand and Japan are cooperating to support the lives of elderly people.